9 – 14 june FULL

17 – 20 september

2 – 5 october FULL

26 – 28 june

4 – 6 september

11 – 13 september

25 – 27 september

9 – 11 october

30 march – 9 April POSTPONED

16 oct – 1 nov

14 – 24 february

4 – 15 april

30 july – 16 august


9 – 13 june

16 – 20 september

13 – 16 may

21 – 23 may

18 – 20 june

25 – 27 june

3 – 5 september

10 – 12 september

24 – 26 september

1 – 3 october

15 – 23 february

19 – 28 avril

29 march – 4 april

18 – 24 october

What is WakeUp Zen ?

It is a moment.
It is an experience.
A gift for your soul.
A time for simple moments.
An experience in a happy place.
A gift for you and your family.
Everyone has its reason to take part, to fulfil your soul,
A breath in your life, a pause before taking a leap.
But we all have the same desire, To step out of routine. And succeed !

Do you want to enhance your lifestyle ?
Create a better relationship with family, friends and loved ones ?

We are a team dedicated to organising holistic retreats, events, and more…

Just 4 days This must be The Place

Because we need to escape only to come back even better,
We select for you the most incredible places.
Isolated from civilisation, making sure that you remain.
Here and Now
Pool, spa, massage and more. All you need to recover and rejuvenate.
Each retreat is unique, so if this your place,
Don’t miss the date!

Find your body

Start a new day with a dancer pose.
Maybe you will not grasp it the first time.
Another reason to return again.
Because we prepare a personalised holistic
movement program based on Pilates, Yoga and Meditation-InMotion.
For every level there is a progression,
Your motivation is your only limit.

Be gentle with Your Body

A great way to disconnect and take care of your body.
Just relax and chill into experts hands.
Get ready for the trip.

Un massage intuitif
Une libération
Un cheminement vers l’extase

A good trip is first of all good food

That is why our chef reserves his best dishes.
Original and Tasteful.
Served with organic wines.
Take your tast buds on fantastical journey.
You will certainly ask for the recipe!

It‘s so powerful​

WakeUp Zen ensures a feel-good experience,
where you can look forward to a better mind-body connection.

We share with you the secrets to achieve a well balanced lifestyle.
We were created with a sole purpose : to help you

Break Your Habits.

The Team

Sindia The Boss

Sindia grew up in a family of artists and healers where taking care of one’s well-being was of utmost importance. Through her Dutch-Chinese and Indonesian heritage, she was fortunate enough to have been exposed to a variety of traditional and alternative healing methods.

At the age of 6, Sindia began her classical ballet training at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) of England. As she moved throughout the world of dance, she developed a passion for contemporary dance, which led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Kinesiology, at the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore.

A serious knee injury propelled her into deepening her knowledge in Yoga and Pilates in parallel with her dance training, skill that she would use to focus on individual coaching and rehabilitation.

Since 2005, she has worked as a wellness consultant and teacher in several award-winning luxury villas and spas in Bali. During the same period Sindia co-founded “The Dance Company”. The first multidisciplinary dance school in Bali, offering classes to children, adults and professional dancers. For 15 years she has remained connected to “The Dance Company” as their Artistic Director.

She specialises in the Pilates Reformer by Pilates Academy International of New York and also holds a “Diplôme d’Etat” as a contemporary dance professor from the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse- ISDAT- France.

With over 20 years of experience as a performing artist, a teacher and a therapist, Sindia continues to share her passion for wellness and the art of movement.

Flora The Artist

Dancer and state qualified dance professor in 2015 (ISDAT, Toulouse), Flora was trained in modern and contemporary dance by Sylvie CAILLOT-LUC and Winschip BOYD.

She moved to Montreal to complete her Master’s degree in Information and Communication in 2005 at l’Université du Quebec à Montreal (UQAM) in Canada as well as classical ballet and contemporary dance in l’Agora de la Danse.

Her passion for dance, nature and humanitarian work brought her to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil to further her studies in the Sylvestre Technique (Afro-Brazilian Dance) and subsequently discovered Hatha Yoga and Pilates.

Dancer and choreographer in the Foundation “Danzarte Studio” in Curacao, Flora decided to return to France to transmit her movement knowledge and experience after having worked intensively with both children and young adults.

In 2013, she began Pilates Matwork training with Pilates Academy International of New York (PAI). At the same time, she founded the non-profit association, Art Indigo Pilates Yoga Danse in Toulouse. Dedicated to the creation of a network of qualified wellness and artistic teachers in and around Toulouse and abroad. This initiative highlights her willingness to share her knowledge to and for all audience.

As a consultant, Flora is currently assisting several dance artists and wellness teachers in Senegal, New Caledonia and South America in the development of their wellness projects and artistic identity.

Today, her compulsion lies in the creation of outlets and programs that are in tune with the well-being not only for individuals and various communities worldwide, but also for the planet.

Erica The Encourager

Erica has over 20 years of experience in the sectors of education and client services and over 15 years of experience as a radio producer and host of 4 radio programs.

She has authored 4 publications, the most recent being The Sacred Heart of Sinners (2020). She is also President of The L31 Project, an association that links her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the southwest of France and beyond by a weekly radio program entitled “Lagniappe”.

In 1998, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Louisiana State University and the following year, received her French Language Certification from The Defense Language Institute of Monterey, CA. She is also a certified language trainer in English.

Erica has also received her French undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Toulouse II and recently completed a Faith based ordination program from CLI. She has also attended masterclasses that focused on both Meditation Practices as well as the link between Psychology and Buddhism.

She has worked as a Healing Arts counsellor since 2015, developing personalised holistic programs for individuals, private and public organisations worldwide.

Passionate about creating opportunities for dynamic, open and constructive dialogue on the human condition. To form viable solutions by bringing together all of her learning and teaching experiences under one roof so that you are invited into a place of exploratory energy with purpose and action.

Through humour, mindfulness, comprehensive listening and patience she encourages you to have a deeper understanding of your inner and outer life journey.

Thomas The Healer

Thomas communicates not only through the art of massage but also through his drawings as an illustration artist. His inspirations were derived from his fascination in movement and energy when he took up martial arts and Qi gong at a young age.

He discovered massage among his entourage, who encouraged him to take up the profession. But what really triggered his vocation were the daily sessions provided to his wife during her pregnancies. It was from these gentle and intimate moments that his delicate yet powerful touch was revealed.

In 2010, he deepened his knowledge in instinctive energetic healing techniques at the BaliSpiritual Massage and Yoga Institute in Indonesia. At the same time, he created Tho-Massage ; a network of independent masseur and bodywork therapists. The team intervened in major hotels for private and corporate events in and around Toulouse.

He continues to diffuse the art of massage by launching his popular massage school in 2017, where regular workshops are organised through his website and several locations between the French Riviera and the Atlantic Coast.
He is currently training intensively for the World Championship Massage in
Copenhagen, 2021.

For Thomas, massage is an exchange and a relationship of trust that requires taking the time for the masseur/masseuse to get to know their client and vice versa- in order to genuinely discover the entirety of the individual.

Through touch, he wants to awaken what is most human in you. It is enough to listen to your senses, to allow you to let go of your subconscious barriers.